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Portugal, Funchal

Hotel The Vine

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The Portuguese archipelago of Madeira in the Atlantic Ocean consists of several islands, the most important of which is Madeira Island itself, located 900 kilometers from the Portuguese capital of Lisbon. The island, which has been a favorite with tourists for a long time, was discovered in 1419 by the Portuguese navigator Joao Gonçalves Zarco and is known to have received Christopher Columbus who decided to get married there. Its pleasant temperatures throughout the year, thanks to its sub-tropical climate, enable visitors to discover Madeira under the best possible conditions in winter as well as in summer.

Among the island’s treasures are its numerous magnificent gardens as well as its famous laurel forest, La Laurisilva, which since 1999 has been classified as a world heritage protected by UNESCO. Another must activity in Madeira consists of walking the length of the famous levadas, the irrigation canals that have crisscrossed the island since the 15th century, and which offer tourists the discovery of an original site, thanks to its charming walkways.

At Funchal, the island’s main city, tourists can visit Quinta das Cruzes Museum, a lovely manor once the home of the navigator who discovered the island, Joao Gonçalves Zarco, and which contains a collection of works and antiques dating back to the 17th and 18th centuries, in the heart of lush and very pleasant gardens. The Madeira Story Center enables visitors to learn more about the island’s history, and the Madeira Wine Museum, located in the former wine cellars, will delight anyone wishing to delve into the mysteries of producing the renowned local wine.

Madeira’s four seasons

The superb Vine Hotel is situated in the historical center of the city of Funchal. This magical five-star hotel is located within the walls of an immense white building created by the Spanish architect, Ricardo Bofill. Inside this pure jewel case, lies one of the island’s most precious diamonds, an elegant design space in which guests are received upon arrival with a delightful welcome massage, foreshadowing an even more delightful vacation.

On the first floor of the building, we find the reception area and the Terra Lounge where a buffet breakfast is served every morning as well as a light lunch at midday. The 79 rooms and suites are on the next four floors, and were all designed in a pure and refined spirit by Nini Andrade Silva. Each floor represents a different season, and we find the tones which throughout the year, color the vineyards that produce the magnificent Madeira wine. On the second and third floors, we have the vivid and fresh colors of spring and summer like green and purple, and on the fourth and fifth floors, the gray and the brown symbolize winter and autumn. The designer also played with light and mirrors to make each room more spacious and sophisticated. The fifth floor is dedicated to well-being with a superb spa in a gentle and pleasant atmosphere. Wine therapy is practiced here with a number of different treatments administered by a skilled team of professionals ready to listen and to give sound advice.

The roof, with one of the finest views of the city, has an infinity swimming pool and a number of deck chairs for relaxing and soaking up the rays of the sun. It’s also here that we find the hotel’s famous restaurant, UVA, which either under the stars or in the dining room, offers guests the cuisine of the starred Chef, Antoine Wesermann, and of course, a succulent Madeira wine.

Thanks to the incredible work she accomplished here, Nini Andrade Silvawas awarded several prizes including Best Hotel Interior Design at the 2009 European Property Awards ceremony, and the Best Suite prize the same year, at the European Hotel Design Awards ceremony.

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Five stars / Member Design Hotels / Prize winning chef / Panoramic restaurant / Sky bar / Lounge / Spa / Vinetherapy / Rooftop swimming pool / Yacht cruises

When open:

Open all year

Number of rooms and suites:

79 rooms including 22 suites


Double occupancy from 126 euros

Nearest airport:

Madeira International Airport (FNC) - Funchal

Hotel details:


Rua dos Aranhas N 27-A

9000-044 Funchal



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Flight time from Paris:

Approximately 3 hours

Time difference from Paris:

- 1 hour all year round


An exceptionally constant and gentle climate thanks to the Atlantic currents around it

Average year round temperature of 20°C, with a minimum of 13 to 19°C in January and February and highs of 25°C in July and August

The southeast coast is sunny and protected from the wind

The North has more rain especially in between April and October

Water temperature varies between 17°C in February and 22°C in September

Necessary travel documents for French nationals:

National ID card or valid passport

No visa required for European Union members or Swiss citizens

No required vaccinations


The euro (EUR)

Languages spoken:


English, French at tourist sites

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