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Never a half measure

India, the birthplace of one of the world’s oldest civilizations is a land of a thousand faces and a thousand different tourist experiences with dream destinations that are intriguing, exotic, disconcerting and magnificent at the same time. As youngsters, we were all thrilled by Rudyard Kipling’s famous “Jungle Book”. Our history books transported us aboard merchant ships sailing the spice route via the Cape of Good Hope to the British East India Company. How many adventurers in search of spirituality and self-discovery decided to follow in the footsteps of Siddhartha, the main character of Hermann Hesse’s philosophical novel of the same name? It’s impossible to grasp the extent of India’s wonders in one visit, although that’s all it takes to fall in love with this country that possesses some of the world’s grandest palaces.

New Delhi : a palace city

One cannot understand India with having set foot in its bustling and multi-cultural capital. New Delhi highlights the complexity of what exists on a national scale. The dichotomy between Old Delhi, the Moghol Empire capital, and New Delhi, the Indian capital of the British Empire, built in the early 20th century, is a perfect representation of what one calls the two Indias. Whereas the narrow, winding streets of Old Delhi are filled with bazaars and traditional craftsmen selling their wares in an atmosphere of often unpleasant odors, a trendy and westernized ambiance permeates New Delhi. Its neighborhoods possess a highly developed economic activity which attracts a great many business travelers, and the more seasoned of these choose the Park New Delhi design hotel as their headquarters with its ideal location behind Connaught Place, the nerve center of the business quarter. Important diplomats prefer the chic urban aspect of the Leela Palace New Delhi and its Royal Club buffet. To evacuate the stress of a busy working day or a visit to the urban jungle of Old Delhi, there is nothing better than an ayurvedic massage at the spa of the Aman New Delhi hotel, a contemporary stone fortress with a surprising sense of serenity.

Mumbai :  iconic hotels

Although New Delhi is the administrative capital of India, Mumbai (formerly Bombay) has earned its place as the country’s economic capital. This bustling metropolis is one of the must stops for anyone seeking to discover the Indian sub-continent, if only to learn about the art of the country’s emotion filled and unique cinema industry known as Bollywood. Mumbai is a legendary city with a wealth or monuments, temples, museums and even a tropical forest. It also possesses internationally renowned iconic hotels like the Taj Mal Palace, and the Oberoi Mumbai, the first hotels of the Taj and Oberoi groups.

Jaipur : picturesque India

Between Mumbai and Delhi, two huge cities with a very occidental side to them, we find the mystical region of Rajasthan. To absorb oneself in traditional India, a visit to this territory, once belonging to the Rajputs, is highly recommended, and especially a stopover in pink Jaipur, a city that seems to be eternally bathed in the light of the setting sun as well as being an architectural jewel. More than a hotel, the Rambagh Palace dominates the city with its gold decorations, mosaics and picturesque domes. It has for ages retained the festive atmosphere, the opulence and the magnificence of the Rajput princes.

Udaipur : the princely life of the  Maharajas

Bordering Lake Pichola, the white city of Udaipur, also known as the “Venice of the East”, is a romantic Rajasthan destination. Symbolic of the opulence and extravagance of the Rajput maharajahs, it possesses numerous palaces, temples and richly decorated mansions known as haveli which rival each other in their splendor. The Oberoi Udaivaivila, ideally located on the banks of the lake, has an uninterrupted view from its swimming pool of the towers and the Romanesque domes of Udaipur’s main monument, the City Palace. After a refreshing swim, the Leela Palace Udaipur offers guests a candlelit dinner and a traditional Rajasthan dance show. This luxurious and refined residence, the former summer home of the Rajput lords, is the ideal setting for a romantic holiday. And for those who enjoy a little altitude, the Aravalli Mountains in the background conceal the beautiful and minimalist Devi Garh hotel which assures its guests of privacy, contemplation and an all encompassing panoramic view.


India, the second most populated city in the world representing the majority of the Indian sub-continent. As one of the oldest civilizations in the world, it possesses an enormous cultural, social and economic diversity.


To experience the cultural shock of an unprecedented exoticism. India is considered one of the most surprising tourist destinations in the world. Although comprehending it is not always easy, its intensity leaves nobody indifferent. The omnipresent aura of spirituality is bound to absorb visitors. The opulence living alongside the cruelest poverty, often with great indifference, and the contrast of the sacred and the impure dictate the laws of an ancestral culture which nevertheless flirts with the modernism of western countries depending on the regions where it has become implanted.


India has a great many airports connecting it to the four corners of the earth. Once in the area of your choice, a pilgrimage to a specific site can be carried out on foot or with a rented, chauffeured car. For a bit more originality, there is also a “luxury train”, the “Palace on Wheels” which is a sort of cruise in addition to being a means of transportation. Speaking of cruises, a number of charming boats propose magnificent voyages on the Ganges and the Brahmaputra.


The temples of Benarés and the pilgrimage ritual on the banks of the Ganges, the Taj Mahal in Agra, Old Delhi, a walk along Lake Udaipur, a ride on the back of an elephant or a Bollywood film.


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