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An Escapade to the land of well-being

« There, all is order, beauty, luxury, calm and sensual delight.” If, like the French poet, Baudelaire, your soul aspires to total serenity, Brazil, the land of well-being, is definitely the place to be. Far from the hyperactivity of the centers of Sao Paulo or Mardi Gras in Rio de Janeiro, this country, five times the size of France, is inundated with natural resources and unexpected intimate sites ideal for relaxation and superb discoveries.

In Brazil, luxury green tourism is far from excluded. On the contrary, nestled between lush vegetation and gleaming white sand, the most sophisticated and luxurious hotels are dedicated to being in harmony with their natural environments, enhancing their coastline to offer demanding tourists and Brazilian inhabitants a complete quality vacation.

Romanticism and intimacy

In the southern Brazilian state of Santa Catarina, between  green sea and tropial vorest, the Pontya dos Ganchos hotel occupies a choice location on the Emerald Coast. In order to blend in with the lush greenery around it, and to retain a totally natural setting, the hotel consists of a group of upscale thatched roof bungalows. Covering the entire property of the peniinsual, the complex assures guests of privacy and tranquility. Boats are available for sailing to the island of Arvoredo, one of the area’s finest deep sea diving sites. By heading for the Sudeste region, you avoid the hustle and bustle of Sao Paulo, but be sure not to miss the Unique Garden Hotel & Sap in the Serra da Catareira. Its property stretches over 74 hectares. In a wonderful universe of flora and fauna, the luxurious villas designed by the renowned architect, Ruy Ohtake, are are in total harmony with the exotic greenhouses, flowering gardens and organic vegetable gardens.

Higher up the coast, in the Rio de Janeiro region of the Sudeste, the Insolito Boutique hotel, once again integrated into its environment, is located on the Buzios peninsula. The hotel, dedicated to art and nature, its restaurant resembles a secret garden suspended above the sea.

A champion of eco-luxury

For the ecologically minded, there are a number of resorts dedicated to caring for and respecting the environment, and the incredible eco-system of the Brazilian coasts. With the goal of protecting the planet without overlooking client comfort, the Kiaroa Eco-Luxury Resort, on the Marau peninsula was designed in a totally eco-friendly manner. The entire complex is in an exceptional context, in the midst of semi-deserted beaches, blue lagoons, dense and extremely varied tropical vegetation, magnificent waterfalls, and all with the most sophisticated comfort. On the eastern side of the state of Alagoas, the Kenoa is an ultra-design and eco-chic seaside resort representing a mixture of thatched roofs and totally modern architectural lines. Finally, the Txai Resort hotel, a bit further down on the Itacare coast, an  historic center of the chocolate industry also falls into the eco-friendly category. In a rustic but thoroughly elegant setting, its services and equipment respond to the highest norms in terms of ecology, thanks to its intelligent design and a program of reforestation.

Charm and history

For impassioned history lovers, it’s strongly recommended that during your idyllic beach vacation in Brazil, you pay a visit to Salvador, the capital of Bahia, famous for its vivid and multi-colored houses. As the first capital of Brazil from 1549 to 1763, it was a meeting point of European, African and Amerindian cultures. Reserve your room in the historic center of the city at the Pestana Convento do Carmo. This luxury establishment has the particularity of being an historic site; a convent built in 1586 by the First Order of Carmelites, and which was the site of important events in the history of Brazil. The blend of modern and ancient has been carried out with exceptional refinement.


Brazil, the world’s sixth most important country, is larger than the entire Latin American continent. Its official language is Portuguese. Covered for the most part by the Amazonian forest, it represents the planet’s largest oxygen source and the guarantee of its biodiversity.


For a strong dose of relaxation in a land filled with culture, greenery and dedicated to well-being, there is no better place to re-energize oneself in the midst of breathtaking tropical nature, to enjoy a sunny coast extending for thousands of kilometers and to take advantage of some of the most luxurious international spas, not to mention the legendary generosity and hospitality of the inhabitants.


Depending on your destination, the main international airports are Guarulhos in Sao Paulo, Galeao in Rio di Janeiro and Juscelino Kubitschek inBrazilia. Once there, a wide range of domestic flights are available to take you from city to city.


The traditional cachaca, a Brazilian flag, a bathing suit with the colors of the country, a compilation of samba music and especially fitas de Bonfim, rolled around your wrist or your ankle. These traditional Bahia ribbons are said to protect whoever wears one!


The immensity of Brazil makes it difficult to truly grasp it all in a few days. To taste the fever pitch ambiance of the country, don’t miss Carnival in Rio in February or strolling on the Avenida la Paulista in Sao Paulo in the Sudeste. For the beauty of the country’s landscapes, try the Nordeste with its Eden like beaches. A visit to the former colonial city of Salvador de Bahia is recommended for its multi-colored houses.


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