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Peru, Cusco

Palacio Nazarenas

5 stars, Classic, Confidential, Stylish, Glamorous, Historic, Luxury, City, Cultural activities, Business, Art collection, Swimming pool, Restaurant, Spa

Buildings that can boast of having had several previous lives are rare, which is what makes the Palacio Nazarenas so fascinating. This five star hotel with its traditional and timeless charm was both a convent and a palace; two atmospheres which now cohabit in perfect harmony in this elegant and peaceful venue. Perhaps it’s the contemporary touches that make this combination so rich. These include Cuzco’s first outdoor heated swimming pool and a spa with treatments inspired by ancient Incan traditions. As the ideal place for rest and relaxation, the Palacio is famous for its seven terraces and its patio, all of which offer its guests an unforgettable sense of serenity and well being.


Peru, the third largest country in South America has always been an exceptional tourist destination. The Spanish conquistadores came here in search of El Dorado and instead found the Incan Empire, a civilization which fascinates people to this day thanks to the remains of Machu Picchu and the Empire’s ancient capital city of Cuzco.

Cuzco is the embodiment of the lightness of being, a city with a mixed population in a setting surrounded by magnificent mountains, a very pleasant climate and a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Craft stalls add life to the different neighborhoods where one can also find authentic and reasonably priced restaurants. Cuzco is literally a tourist’s El Dorado!

A palace with numerous lives

A former convent and palace before becoming a five star hotel is bound to be rich in history. This is the case of the Palacio Nazarenas, an extraordinary venue in the heart of Cuzco. As a jewel of the Peruvian luxury hotel industry, it has succeeded in combining its two previous lives into one historic building with the addition of modern furnishings and an original contemporary touch which is in total harmony with the rest of the establishment.

Upon entering, guests are immediately immersed in the hotel’s old world charm with its emphasis on space. As they discover the common areas, they are pleasantly surprised by the numerous terraces and the patio, all of which are such ideal spaces for rest and relaxation that the excitement and activity of the city seem to disappear.

All of the 55 suites are oxygen enriched, a necessity when one is unaccustomed to living at altitudes of over 3,000 meters! The modern comforts, warm tones and wood carving complete the experience and provide peace and serenity. The view of Cuzco and the surrounding mountains are unforgettable and are in itself a major attraction.

The Palacio’s very contemporary touch is obvious by its innovative design. It’s the first luxury hotel here with an outdoor heated swimming pool and one of the rare establishments to possess a spa with a wide range of treatments created for an international clientele.

Everything here is synonymous with comfort and spiritual peace. There is also a library, a garden a restaurant and several boutiques. The Palacio is a tourist site in and of itself and undoubtedly one of Peru’s most complete and most luxurious hotels.

The Palacio is full of surprises and many of its details are worth observing like the lounge for example, which was once a chapel and which contains a collection of objects found during the hotel’s restoration. In the spa, some of the treatment rooms have glass floors enabling guests to admire the original   Incan foundations under this truly timeless building.

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Five stars, Luxury, Calm, Traditional, Elegant, Timeless, Tranquil, Wellness,, Warmth, Relaxation, Spa, Heated outdoor pool, Bar, Library, Garden, Lounge, Restaurant, Sauna, Central, Exclusive, Patio, 7 terrasses, Boutiques, Activities, Yoga, Cooking classes, Dance classes, Technology, Business Center


All year round

Number of rooms and suites

55 rooms and suites


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Nearest airport

Alejandro Velasco International Airport Astete - CUZ.


Belmond Palacio Nazarenas

Plaza Nazarenas 144, Cusco, Peru

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Approximately12 hours


- 7h in summer - 6h in winter


The climate depends on the specific location:

Coastal areas

The warmest months are from December to February (25-30°C).

The coldest months are from June to August (15-20°C).

In the Andes

The rainy season runs from December to April with temperatures between 20 and 25° C during the day. Nights are cooler.

The best month for visiting this region is May.

In the Amazon

The rainy season runs from December to April.

The dry season is from June to August (mean temperature - 30°C!).


Valid passport.

No required vaccination although Yellow Fever is recommended (indispensable for visits to the Amazon regions). Also recommended are Hepatitis A, Rabies, Dengue Fever and Malaria.


The nuevo sol (NS).


Spanish, Quechua, Aymara.

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