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Bolivia, Uyuni

Palacio de Sal

5 stars, Charm, Excessive , Unusual, Luxury, Desert, Mountain, Preserved site, Adventure, Eco-friendly, Getaway

A palace hotel made of salt ? Impossible ? Not really. What’s more, one with five star luxury ! Bolivia, along the banks of the Salar in Uyuni, possesses the world’s largest salt desert. The Palacio Del Sal offers its guests accommodations which recall local traditions and a contemporary and elegant architecture in which everything is made of salt. The rooms are highly original, some of which are igloo shaped, but with the comforts one would expect of a hotel in this category. The Palacio is ideally situated and a perfect starting point for exploring the thousand and one secrets of the Salar, concealed in a seemingly ordinary dry desert.


Bolivia has an extremely varied geography with the Cordillera des Andes, the Altiplano, the Amazon and the Gran Chaco. This diversity is also reflected in the country’s multi-ethnic population including Amerindians, Europeans, Asians, Africans and people of mixed races, and in the fact that there are 37 officially recognized languages spoken!

Uyuni is in the Altiplano region, a vast 1,500 meter long elevated plain. Located at an altitude of 3,670 meters, this mining city is at the crossroads of a plain and the Cordillera territories. Uyuni became a tourist destination thanks to a very specific natural phenomenon: the Salar. This 10,582 square kilometer stretch of land is the largest salt desert and possesses the largest natural lithium reserve in the world, the latter estimated to contain one third of the planet’s supply.

Like a mirage, a palace in the midst of salt

Discovering the Salar in Uyuni is a unique experience, and staying in this wonder of the world is a privilege, which is why since 1998, the Hotel Palacio Del Sal, or literally, “The Salt Palace” has been welcoming guests.

Created by Juan Quesada Valda, this insane pipe dream became a reality and is now one of the most original hotels in the world. The entire building including the furniture, the walls and the ceilings are made totally out of salt! Originally, the hotel was located it the middle of the lake, but it was transferred to the banks of the Salar in 2004 with the goal of providing more luxurious services.

The palace stretches over 4,600 square meters with 30 rooms (instead of the original16) with cozy, modern and contemporary comfort. In addition to paying tribute to this unique site, the Palacio bears living and vibrant witness to the culture of the inhabitants who live along this dried up lake which, in spite of its beauty, offer the population fairly rude living conditions.

The Palacio welcomes its visitors in a classic and warm setting. Various objects and furniture recall local customs, and the salt pillars are reflections of the   incredible architectural prowess represented by the building.

Some of the rooms are igloo shaped and especially spectacular. Guests feel as if they are in a white intact cocoon far from the outside world. The Palacio provides the modern services one would expect of a hotel in this category without taking anything away from the raw and authentic beauty of the Salar. In the face of such a poignant example of the creative force of nature, the guest feels humble and grateful. The hotel is therefore an ideal venue for meditating on the significance of this atypical desert.

Excursions are part of the emotional experience of the Palacio. Whether it’s a drive to explore the Salar’s infinite horizon or a trip to the false island of Coral known as Incahuasi, which is covered with cactus candelabras some which are 1,200 years old, the desert is filled with numerous hidden treasures. Experiencing a sunset over the Salar is an unforgettable and romantic moment. Another breathtaking phenomenon is walking along the stretch of salt and reflecting on the landscape after a rainfall when the Salar becomes an immense mirror.

One slight warning: the reflection of the sun’s rays on the surface of the salt desert creates a dazzling, blinding light. It’s therefore indispensable to wear high protection sunglasses.

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Five stars, Luxury, Warmth, Exotic, Original, Spectacular, Restaurant, Bar,Contemporary, Boutique hotel, View, Comfort, Family friendly


All year round

Number of rooms and suites

30 rooms


From 125 €                                                                         

Nearest airport

Uyuni International Airport - UYU.


Palacio de Sal

Salar de Uyuni

Uyuni, Potosí, Bolivia


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Approximately 16 hours


-  6h in summer, - 5h in winter.


Climate in Bolivia depends a great deal on the region although globally the best time for visiting is the dry season from April through October.

In the Altiplano :

Above an altitude of 3,000 meters, the dry season lasts from April or May to October or November. This is the best time to visit.

In July and August, nights can be cold.

Rain is frequent during the summer (from November to March).

Valleys in the center of the country have a temperate climate with mild weather during the day and fairly cold evenings.

The Amazon and the Eastern plains

The Amazon and the Eastern plains have very hot winters broken up by cold spells caused by icy Patagonian winds.


Passport valid 6 months after date of return.

For a  90 day stay : visa.

No required vaccination although Yellow Fever is recommended (indispensable for visits to the Amazon regions). Also recommended are Hepatitis A, Rabies, Dengue Fever and Malaria.


The boliviano (BS).


Spanish, Aymara, Leko, Chiquitano, Moré, Baure, Araona, Cayubab.

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