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Singapore, Singapore

Parkroyal on pickering

Contemporary, Design, Luxury, City, Wellness, Eco-friendly, Gardens, Swimming pool, Spa

One of the goals of a number of recent hotel projects in Singapore has been, it seems, to modify the city’s skyline. Among the numerous extravagant and gigantic constructions, one was daring enough to make it unique in the world. The Parkroyal on Pickering resembles a succession of hanging gardens in the center of Singapore representing, in addition to technical and architectural prowess, an ecological achievement as well. With respect for the norms of sustainable development, the hotel recovers rain water, recycles and uses solar energy. The eco-friendly aspect of the hotel is not a gadget but a veritable philosophy. With its Baroque and ultra modern appearance, the Parkroyal exemplifies a 21st century structure in an era when urban hotels all tend to look alike. The use of wood and the surprising volumes enable the building to do away with interior and exterior limits, and especially to offer guests an original and fascinating site. The Parkroyal has 367 extremely luxurious rooms and suites, an entire floor dedicated to wellness and the spa, and especially an outdoor infinity swimming pool with an incredible view of the center and the economic heart of Singapore. Which came first…the hotel or the greenery? It’s hard to tell!


Following independence acquired in 1965, Singapore has developed a model society which today is one of the well-reputed in all of Asia. Singapore’s incredible success is based on four fundamental values : economic growth, security, cleanliness and materialism.

Located on an island in the southernmost part of the Malaysian peninsula, Singapore measures 647.8 square kilometers and consists of 64 islands.

This city-state is often called or “the Manhattan of Asia”, or “Little Switzerland”, depending on whether one is referring to its economic growth or to its clean and orderly appearance!

Singapore is an effervescent city-state in total contrast with the typical Malaysian serene way of life. The favorite pastimes here are eating and shopping with a disdain for wasting even one precious minute. But this unique city is also a veritable model of social cohesion with several ethnic groups, religions and nationalities living together in total harmony.

Resolutely urban, Singapore has left very little place for nature during its rapid growth. There is nevertheless a botanic garden, but it’s the only true example of greenery in this metropolis of skyscrapers. The city however, aware of this shortcoming, has recently created more and more projects with ecology as a major element.

A forest in the center of the city

Creating a garden in the center of the city is nothing new. Creating a vertical garden which is also a hotel is another matter! The magnificent architectural gem known as the Parkroyal on Pickering has radically modified Singapore’s skyline with its green façade of hanging gardens.

This spectacular hotel in the heart of the city is more than just a technical achievement. The vegetation is not a pretext, but the center of a hotel project designed to create a green oasis in the center of Singapore. The challenge was to offer guests a relaxing site which was, at the same time, extremely contemporary in its design.

The Parkroyal is one of the rare establishments that respects the rules for sustainable development, and its eco-friendly aspect is far from being just a gadget. The use of wood for its construction, solar energy and recovery of rain water combine to make the hotel an ecological example. The Parkroyal owes its success to its extreme luxury with total respect for its environmental commitments.

The hotel has 367 rooms and suites, as well as a private club for guests who desire more intimacy and more personalized services. An entire floor of the Parkroyal is dedicated to wellness and to the spa.

Exclusivity and a sense of the spectacular can also be found on the top floor with an infinity swimming pool and a sky garden with a 360 degree view of Singapore. Even in a city known for its surprising exploits, the inhabitants continue to marvel at this incredible hotel.

Created and designed by the WOHA architectural firm, known for its environmental concerns, the Parkroyal is a very Asian and a very Singaporean hotel. Its semi-Baroque architecture that seems to do away with the limits between the exterior and the interior, is a new way of looking at the urban landscape in an era when city centers have a tendency to look alike.

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Description :

5 stars / Member - Parkroyal Collection Hotel / Member - Global Hotel Alliance / 360° view of the city / Spectacular hanging gardens / Contemporary / Design / Extravagant / Nature / Urban / Oasis / Relaxing / Baroque / Elegant / Restaurant with a delicious blend of western and Southeast Asian cuisine/ Restauration en chambre / Bar / Bar lounge / Piscine extérieure toute l’année / Spa / Fitness center / jogging path/ 15.000 square meter botanic garden/ Babysitting service / Business center

Open :

All year round

Number of rooms and suites

367 rooms and suites

Price :

From 200 €

Nearest airport :

Changi Airport (SIN) – Singapore

Address :

3 Upper Pickering Street
Singapore 058289

details about this country

Flight time from Paris:

Approximately 13 hours

Time difference from Paris:

 Approximately 8 hours

Type of climate:

Tropical, humid

Travel requirements for European Community members:

Passport (valid at least 6 months from date of entry)

No visa required

No vaccination required


Singapore dollar


English, Malay, Tamoul, standard Mandarin

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