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France, Paris

1K Hotel Paris

4 stars, Boutique hotel, Contemporary, Design, Stylish, Exotic, Unusual, City, Cultural activities, Bar, Restaurant

The Marais quarter is constantly changing, and the arrival of the 1K, a four star hotel whose incredible design was inspired by Incan culture and the traditions of Peru, is a striking example! Sprung from the imagination of a young entrepreneur with a passion for this South American country, the 1K is a cozy, original and surprising establishment completely out of sync with the Parisian hotel scene. The rooms were created with the latest in high tech innovations without sacrificing the guest’s comfort. There are even two exclusive suites each with their own swimming pool. The restaurant proposes a wide range of exotic dishes. In addition, the hotel possesses another surprise; a secret clandestine bar: the Mezcaleria, accessible via the kitchen where guests can enjoy the typical Peruvian alcohol: mescal.

Le Marais

Formerly a marshland, the Marais quarter of Paris, inhabited as early as the 12th century, changed radically when the Place des Vosges was built in the 17th century. Parisian noblemen began to settle here, and some of their superb private mansions can still be admired like the Hotel de Sully, the Hotel des Ambassadeurs de Hollande or the Maison de Nicolas Flamel.

Today, filled with art galleries and trendy boutiques, it is undoubtedly the most well preserved quarter in Paris. The very gentrified Marais is now a chic and yuppie ultra urban neighborhood with a relatively well off population and with new restaurants and concept stores opening here every month.

The effervescent and contemporary Marais is also a Parisian area in which culture plays an important role. The past, still present in the architecture and in the general atmosphere, is far from forgotten, and the often narrow, medieval type streets take the visitor back to previous centuries.

Peru, in the heart of Paris!

To innovate in the Paris hotel scene, it’s imperative to have a powerful and totally original concept. How else can anyone expect to impress a clientele   so accustomed to upscale luxury and diversity? Does it take a long and varied experience in this area? The creator of the 1K, the latest sensation in the Paris hotel industry, the very young 24 year old Kevin Machefert demonstrates the fact that originality and audacity are the irrefutable requirements, especially if they are accompanied by a solid background!

The original idea stems from the love this young man feels for Peru, the land of the Incas, the people of the sun. This country, which is becoming better and better known thanks to its gastronomy and to tourism in general, is celebrated all the time and everywhere in this unusually designed hotel. Architect Raymond Morel has created a site where midnight blue, gold, bronze and wood dominate. Visually, the impact is felt immediately with a variety of original references that recount a new story with new sensations creating freshness and a welcome sense of innovation in a hotel scene often saturated with classicism.

The visual codes plunge the visitor into an intriguing “elsewhere” with Peruvian masks on the backs of chairs, gilded decorations and Incan motifs on the ceiling. There are even constantly moving chains over 20 meters of wall as well as dancing lights. As soon as the guest arrives at the reception area, he finds himself in the heart of the mysterious land of the Incas. We are in an entire ethno-contemporary universe according to the hotel’s creators. One is even tempted to add the term neo-urban since this elevated concept seems indissociable from a thriving capital like Paris. We are in a city in another country and another continent that has bee re-created and reworked to the delight of a clientele hungry for new sensations.

One of the many features of the hotel is a hidden area; a clandestine bar, the Mezcaleria, which pays tribute to the secret bars or speakeasies that existed during the Prohibition Era. This totally underground venue celebrates the Peruvian national drink: mescal, an alcohol derived from the fermentation and distillation of agave juice, with a smoky taste and which is supposed to possess some very special virtues.

The hotel’s 52 rooms and suites offer guests comfort and visual beauty with an accent on state of the art technology. And the icing on the cake consists of two 75 square meter suites which possess their own private swimming pools.

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Four stars / Elegance / Luxury / Glamour / Surprising / Peru / Peruvian restaurant  / Cocktail bar  / Clandestine bar  / Design / Character / Trendy / Ethnic / Innovative / Technology / Cozy / Warm / Modern / Ethno-contemporary


All year round.

Number of rooms and suites

50 rooms and 2 suites.


From 240 €                                                                        

Nearest airport

Roissy - Charles de Gaulle Airport - CDG.


1K Paris

13 Boulevard du Temple - 75003 Paris, France

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Varied, temperate and generally pleasant climate

Four types of climate : Ocean (in the west of the country), continental in the center and the east, Mediterranean in the southeast as well as a mountain climate

Necessary travel documents for French nationals:

National identity card or valid passport

No vaccinations necessary


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